Saturday, January 5, 2013

Garden of the Gods

We decided to use our last Saturday of Christmas vacation to go visit some good friends from Charlotte who now live in Colorado Springs.  We got to see their new baby Hannah and their new house.  Then we joined them at Garden of the Gods, which was a first for our family.  The sun was just starting to go down, which meant the temperature dropped a TON, but it was cool to see and we all had a great time walking around.  It kinda feels like Southern Utah with all the red rock formations.


Kissing CamelsDSC_0122

The girls and cute little MilesDSC_0104





We had a fun lunch and dinner and also did some shopping at the outlets.  Sad to say goodbye to Christmas break, but since school doesn’t start back till Tuesday, we still have Monday to look forward to!


Sarah said...

Sounds like you guys had the perfect Christmas break. The shot of your dad as the donkey reminded me a lot of Grandpa Lowe for some reason. He always made a great donkey I thought.

Marliese said...

These are awesome pictures!! Beautiful people in front of beautiful scenery!