Monday, January 7, 2013

seven years later

When we lived in Boston from 2004-2006, we got really close with some other families who were also there for grad school and made some amazing life-long friends.  It just so happens that two of those families already lived here in Denver when we moved here almost 2 1/2 years ago, and then just a few months ago, another one of our favorite Boston families moved here too!  Welcome Wilcoxes!

On our last day of Christmas break, we finally got together with them for the first time since they’ve been in town—just in time to help them move into their beautiful new house!  The last time we saw their whole family was in 2006. . . and they had two girls that are Kendall & Berkeley’s ages.  Now they have FIVE kids (four girls and a boy)!

Here’s Kendall & Samara in May 2006 when they were both just barely three years old. . .DSC02416


. . .and here they are in 2013-- three of their girls with our three.DSC_0094

It was so fun watching them all get along like no time had even passed!

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