Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Food #15

It has recently come to my attention that there are some people out there who have been disappointed that I have been less than consistent in posting my Friday Food segments.  I always have good excuses, for example, two weeks ago it was my birthday and on my birthday, if I don’t feel like blogging, them I’m not going to blog!  Then last Friday I got up close and personal with my kitchen floor and a few of my friendly neighborhood emergency responders, so I was a little preoccupied.

I guess what I hadn’t realized is that there are quite a few people who actually like and look forward to my Friday Food posts, other than the few friends and family members that I already knew about.  When I don’t post, I’ve never thought I was really letting anyone down.  So before I talk food, I’m going to ask you a favor.  If you read my blog, would you mind clicking on the followers list so that I know exactly who is reading these posts?  It will help me to have a better idea of what kinds of topics I should write about in this weekly segment if I know who my audience is!  If you are reading this in a blog reader like Bloglines or GoogleReader, then just click into my blog and find the followers section.  Thank you!

And now let’s talk hummus.  It’s no secret that I’m a fan.  Not only is it delicious, but it is chock-full of good stuff.  Garbanzo beans are great sources of fiber, folate, protein, and iron.  I’ve tried most hummus brands that are available at the grocery stores and they’re okay, but one of the best kinds I’ve had is at a local bagel shop here in Charlotte.  There is a fabulous sandwich there called the Aunt Beanie and it has tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, and their delicious homemade hummus on a steamed whole wheat bagel.  It is perfection with a hole in the middle.

I’ve never quite recreated that hummus, but over the course of the last couple of months, I have experimented extensively with making my own hummus.  I’ve tried all different spice combinations and have even tried using peanut butter or sunflower seed butter instead of tahini (if the other spices are right, you won’t taste it).  A recent favorite I’ve come up with is a take on sun-dried tomato basil hummus.  I’ve always loved that combination of flavors, but sun-dried tomatoes aren’t cheap and I rarely have them on hand.  So one day I got the bright idea to add some marinara sauce to the hummus.  I used Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil Marinara and then added some extra basil, some garlic, a little sunflower seed butter, and it was actually VERY good.  Another spice combo we like is curry and cumin.  It’s a very Indian-tasting hummus.

The next hummus flavor I’d like to attempt is smoked paprika.  Our local grocery store has their own store brand’s hummus and this is by far my favorite of their flavors.  I never thought paprika had that much flavor, but apparently when you smoke it, it comes to life!  WOW!


In my searches for different hummus recipes, I cam across the Guinness book’s world record for the largest plate of hummus.  How fun would it be to have a party with a plate of hummus this big for everyone to dig into?


Making your own hummus is SO much cheaper than buying it.  I have tried cooking the dried garbanzo beans (and that is the most economical way to do it) but since I’m not always that prepared, I usually just used the canned kind.  A can of garbanzo beans costs me about 69 cents and that makes almost a 16 ounce container of hummus.  In comparison, you can pay $2.99 (or more!) for just 8 ounces of hummus in a store!

If you’d like to learn more about making hummus or find some great recipes, there really are TONS swarming around the web.  My friend Emily even posted some great hummus tips on my recipe blog a couple weeks ago.  And check this out-- here is an entire blog that is completely devoted to all things hummus! 


Ann said...

Hi!! I have been following your blog for a bit now. I do love your Friday Food blogs because I don't eat meat anymore and have gotten some really great ideas from you. Sorry I haven't actually put a comment before. Thank you for sharing ideas!!!

Mitchell said...

I too have been following your blog religiously for a while now. I especially love your other blog with all the great vegetarian recipes. I tried making the rolled oat whole wheat pizza crust the other day and it was a big hit around here. And the hummus tip about boiling the beans to make them extra soft really does help a ton. I like adding chipotle peppers to my hummus, makes it extra spicy! Please keep up the Friday Food, we all love it!

Melinda said...

I have "secretly" been reading you too! Not sure if you remember me, but we met in Austin and I knew Megan from high school days.

I really enjoy the Friday Foods and all other blog posts- you are such a smart Mom and it comes out in your postings. You have great tips and tricks for getting kids (and adults) to enjoy eating meatless meals. I was shocked this week to realize we had gone 4 days without having any meat, but had eaten delicious foods the entire time! Thanks!

Maren said...

Ok, so now I'm officially following you now, I'm one of those anonymous shadow silhouettes. But of course you already knew I love your Friday Food posts.

I like Trader Joe's Mediterranean hummus. I haven't been brave enough to make my own hummus, but I think I might have to try. See how you inspire me?

Kerry and Dave said...

Mer, so did you ever find out what caused your fainting spell last week? Are you so happy to have Patrick back home?

merathon said...

kerry-- not exactly sure what caused me to pass out, but probably somehow related to the pneumonia. i WILL be so happy to have patrick back, but he's not home quite yet! should be here very soon!

emilyaaa said...

i can't believe i made the Friday Food post!!! I feel a *little* bit famous! :) i just barely made some hummus, and you motivated me to branch out a bit. I found non oil-packed sun-dried tomateos at costco the other day--18oz for $6 or $7--so i added about 1 oz of those, cut some basil leaves off my plant and just made the most scrumptious hummus ever!!! I still use tahini...cause i'm a little nervous to try PB! But maybe next time i'll branch out even more :) My next attempt is going to be Kale and Sun Dried tomato hummus...but i couldn't make it today cause my kale is going in our smoothies tonight. I'm a little bit addicted to kale smoothies. i'm a little bit addicted to a lot of things :)
anyway, you're awesome. love your blog, as always! let us all know how you're feeling!