Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the birthday festivities

Patrick wasn’t able to come back to Charlotte for Emery’s birthday (and let’s be honest, she really doesn’t know it’s a day that’s different than any other) but the rest of us wanted to do something to make it seem like more of a special day.  We invited some friends to have dinner at Moe’s with us (a spot that is always a hit with the birthday girl) and then join us at our house after for cake and sorbet.

Emery is doing her darnedest to blow out those two candles.


Emery has been eyeing this little laptop for the last seven months—ever since she saw one at the DC Dubs’ house back in December and screamed every time someone else wanted to play with it.  I wanted to get one for her, but didn’t want to pay $30 for it since she can’t even take advantage of the little educational games on it yet.  Lucky for her, I happened to stumble upon one at a consignment store and it was only FIVE dollars!


We had a happy coincidence at the restaurant tonight when a clown walked in who was doing face painting and balloon animals for all the kids!  Here are the girls before they washed off the artwork!


Emery could not get enough of the new purse from Grandma Jan.  She screamed when I put her down for bed (something she rarely does) until I let her sleep with the purse.  What a girl!



Annie said...

happy birthday emery!! she looks like such a big girl standing there by her sisters w/ the purse!! glad you hooked her up w/ a laptop!

Rachel said...

What darling girls! Love Emery's piggie tales!

Megs said...

I can't believe you would do Moe's without us! So happy it was a great day. I love her face in the last picture. Seriously, is she really 2??

jan said...

The first thing I noticed was that the pigtails lasted at least through dinner and until bedtime. She is growing up! Thanks for sharing such sweet photos of my favorite girls!

Eric said...

I love the pose she is doing while holding the purse. Such a cute girl!

-Little Mere

Lauren said...

Your girls are so adorable!