Friday, July 1, 2011

if you TRY, you can do a TRIathlon!

The swim coaches put on a triathlon in the neighborhood for everyone on the swim team.  When I heard about it a couple weeks ago, I knew it would be the thing to get Berkeley to want to learn to ride her bike.  She had the swimming and the running down, but without the biking part, she wouldn’t be able to compete!  You can pretty much bet that if Kendall is doing something cool, Berkeley will want to do it too.  Since Kendall is a pro at bike riding now, she would definitely be participating in the race.  Not to be outdone by her older sister, Berkeley decided she would let Patrick teach her how to ride her bike, and just like Kendall did a few months ago, Berkeley picked it up in just minutes.  With a couple weeks of practicing under her belt, she was all set for the big day!

The instructions. . .


the swim. . .



the bike. . .



the run. . .



. . .and the finishers!



I loved watching all the kids working so hard.  K & B said they thought it was so much fun and want to do more!

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